Increasing attention is being devoted to the rigorous respecting of hygiene regulations, particularly in public areas. Today more than ever delicate environments, such as hospitals, clinics and medical practices, but also places of relaxation and entertainment, such as hotels, restaurants and shops, require security and high performance levels from products. Mamoli proposes a wide range of solutions to satisfy these requirements, combining simplicity of use, functionality, technological quality and respect for the national and European regulations governing the planning of public spaces, rendering obligatory the use of taps and fittings operated without the need for contact with the hands. Hence the “Mamoli no touch” programme: a complete range envisaging long-lever mixer and pedal taps, electronic – battery or mains powered – and time switch operated, devoted to all the spheres of community living. Technologies that are faultless from the hygienic point of view, which – as they operate within a given time frame – automatically allow water and energy savings that are fundamental in public spaces. By combining technology and simplicity of use, Mamoli therefore succeeds in offering solutions that are able to satisfy all these requirements, offering specific products for various uses: washbasins, showers, urinals, all operated without the need for any contact.


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