Lightness and compositional rigor. These are the esthetic and design characteristics of O2.

O2 refers to oxygen, its energy and its imperceptible weight, evoking its precise and punctual chemical structure.

Two seemingly contradictory concepts reconciled in a captivating dialogue, the union of two very different constituent elements: a slim and subtle lever inspired by the lightness of air, and a rigorous and rational body with net and precise volumes.

Clear in design and clean in forms, O2 is an elegant product with simple and essential lines, able to fit into the contemporary bathroom with sobriety.

The exact and rational volumes that characterize O2 accompany, with their rigor, the natural flow of water to find again, in a simple and intuitive way, the primordial pleasures of the contact with the elements. And to transform the bathroom into the intimate and personal space of a ritual capable of awakening our deepest energy.

O2: the exact formula for daily well-being. 


cromo · inox spazzolato · oro


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