Food today is no longer just a physiological need, but a cultural necessity. The kitchen, the ways of being at table and the processes of taste are, without a shadow of a doubt, forms of language; food, like the home, tells of the individual and their personality. The choice of food, the combinations of flavours and substances, are signs, instruments through which we speak of our world. The concept of the kitchen as fulcrum and story to be told has given rise to Mamoli’s “Kitchen Program”, a range of taps and fittings devoted to offering the maximum freedom to the individual’s gestures, spatiality and ways of cooking. Because nothing is more important for the self-image than food and the home.


bianco lucido · bronzo · cromo · cromo / leva rossa · cromo / oro · cromo satinato · inox spazzolato · inox spazzolato / leva rossa · oro · ottone PVD · rame · Terra di Francia
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