Simple in its complexity, respectful and gentle, Acquachiara gathers together all the qualities of a product that becomes a furnishing element and joins together with the home, giving it a touch of graceful elegance. Designed according to the parameters of ecocompatibility, versatility and affordability, Acquachiara stands out on account of the dichotomy between its delicate image, its subtle design and the significant research and conceptual power that animates the product. First and foremost the “green” aspect, understood as quality of production and design, which characterises Acquachiara today as an eco-sensitive project, fitted with a temperature, flow and energy limiter. Secondly its versatility: designed to be inserted into all the types of bathroom, even the smallest, Acquachiara furnishes with discretion. Finally, it is new because it has a high design content but at an affordable price, always maintaining the logic of production quality as a guiding principle. Design is invention, evolution, research, combination of sustainability and enjoyability. Acquachiara is all this: a calibrated synthesis of quality of materials and design, of production effectiveness, affordability and ecocompatibility. Acquachiara: a small yet extraordinary product because it is the bearer of important values and the result of a powerful idea.




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