80 years in the service of water

Eighty years of intense evolution and continuous success. After an initial debut in the 1920s in the lighting and the bathroom fixtures sector, in 1932 Spartaco Mamoli, the company’s founder, transformed his entrepreneurial activity into a company and guided it towards the production of bathroom taps and fittings with a definite orientation towards technological and productive innovation. As early as the 1950s, Mamoli products kept on coming out of  the capacity to represent contemporary culture and to respond promptly to the evolution of home living. The blend between creativity, innovation and production has enabled the company to propose avant-garde products, such as the “O” series, with pushbutton panel control, to anticipate the concept of modularity applied to the bathroom environment and the first taps and fittings with single lever cartridges. The 1960s and 1970s saw Mamoli committed to serving the booming building development marking that historical period with taps and fittings standing out for both their quality standard and adaptability to the requirements of an expanding market. The proposal of a genuine wellness system belongs to those years, with the pioneering project for the first thermostatic taps and fittings expressly devoted to the shower environment. Today Mamoli is run by the third generation of the family, who find their sphere of expression in design, culture and know-how made in Italy. The wide range and completeness of the current catalogue show that today the company can be considered a key-player in the sector, capable of satisfying various demands with the offer of elements and programmes dedicated to the bathroom and kitchen based on planning principles guided by an aesthetic, functional and technological research which is constantly updated.