Designing the day-to-day Rituals and gestures

Designing the everyday, to make it better, to raise its quality. This is the path explored by Mamoli, to offer a product that increasingly intercepts the demands of the contemporary, promoting the bathroom area as a place of rituals as well as of a functional space. Mamoli experiences research as a continuous process of re-interpretation of behavioural, aesthetic and functional models. Such an approach has prompted Mamoli to identify a path to be followed, wide-open to new responses, in the need for certainties, in the desire for active stimuli of an environmental nature – architecture, design, forms and materials. The company’s choices are an expression of its extraordinary capacity to be open to the new. This is translated into a strong vision of the future: from the development of innovative projects, the result of the association with top level architects such as Alessandro Mendini and Paola Navone or of young designers, and of working with the H2O Nuovi Scenari per la Sopravvivenza non-profit association, which has seen the company committed on the front line in the promotion of a new project ethics associated with the world of water.