Simone Spalvieri + Valentina Del Ciotto

Serie TOOL


Valentina Del Ciotto and Simone Spalvieri, degree holders in Interior Design and Industrial Design (respectively) from Milan Polytechnic, founded the Spalvieri/Del Ciotto studio in 2009 as a meeting place for ideas, research and experimentation.  Their work is characterized by formal, functional simplicity coupled with an intense emotional component based in the conviction that every design object should be a witness to our experience, something to pass down that brings with it and preserves a piece of our own history.

At the age of 30, they already boast an illustrious resume of industrial products created for Italian and foreign companies, such as Areaplus, Colombo Design, E-My, Established & Sons, Greenwitch, Lexon, Segno and Trabo.

Tool is a project developed in collaboration with Mamoli.