Commitment, sustainability and certifications

Mamoli is heavily committed to creating products and systems that minimise energy consumption and reduce the wasting of resources during use, through the employment of innovative technologies and recycled biodegradable cardboard packaging. The company invests significantly in Research and Development to find new project and production solutions leading to work out products and processes that respect people and their habitat and devote the maximum attention to the responsible use of resources, conserving non-renewable energy sources, optimising production processes and implementing careful planning. This eco-sensitivity has prompted Mamoli to prepare closed-circuit production plants, where the water used in the galvanic processes is purified and re-used in new production, and to create an effective process of management and processing of production waste, which is treated in this way to protect the ecosystem. This attention has prompted the company to make each individual product that comes out of its plants undergo pneumatic watertightness tests: the air testing mechanism, in fact, makes it possible to match a greater precision in measurement with a better management of resources, at the same time raising the quality level of products. Finally, the internal production cycle allows constant monitoring of the processing phases of the product and their compliance with the terms of standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, also respecting the principles of Italian style.

 or Mamoli, design considerations must responsibly take care of consumers’ wellbeing, safety and health: hence the decision to use exclusively, in production processes, materials that are 100% compatible with drinking water, ACS certified and brass alloys in compliance with Ministerial Decree 174, with a very low nickel content and a reduced percentage of lead. Finally, for the manufacture of its products, Mamoli uses avant-garde production technologies such as the PWP [Pure Water Process] galvanic process, which uses insoluble nickel: this allows a release of nickel that is much lower than the values imposed by the most stringent international standards (NSF 61 – USA, DWG – Germany, NF – France, 174 – Italy) to guarantee the total healthiness of its products.

Mamoli has grown over time thanks to its capacity to design and produce at top quality levels. Craftsmanship and the tailoring of products, modern technologies, sophisticated, internally managed production processes and a consolidated network of strategic partners are today the guarantee of the quality of execution of the product, flexibility in the responses to the market and the ethicality of products.